Who We Are

We smile for pictures that aren't being taken.

Hans Stolfus : creative director

From bodysurfing "The Prom," to weaving laundry covered windowsills in Capri, to falling asleep overlooking Lake Macbride... 

Hans’s life has always been about the experience. The feeling one gets from the right song, the right film, the right piece of art...or the right message strewn together with all three.

That’s what his work is about at Rev2 Media. Bringing those feelings to life digitally for brands, consumers and anyone seeking inspiration to experience.



Josh Glazebrook : director of media

Photoshopping. Illustrating. Shooting. Editing. Designing. Rendering. Uploading. Programming. Color-correcting. Storyboarding. Sleep for three hours (max). Chipotle as a snack. Rockstar for breakfast. And another 21 hours behind the lens and in front of the screen.

Your average day for Josh Glazebrook -- otherwise known as JoshGlaze. When a man loves what he does, it can be said it's not actually work, and for every minute Josh spends perfecting creative media projects for Rev2, he’s most certainly not working.
When a break in the day occurs (rare, but appreciated), Josh also enjoys Mad Men, Kobe Bryant draining fade-away j's over Lebron James with three seconds left on the clock, Indie Films, anything Mac, and exorbitantly large monitors.